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         Teacher’s guide compliments the curriculum thru its precise and detailed procedure on how a lesson is to be taught. The teacher is clear on what needs to be done, how, and when. The lesson will tend to flow more smoothly because all the information has been gathered and the details have been decided upon beforehand.

          The teacher will not waste class time flipping through the textbooks, thinking of what to do next, or going here and there to make photocopies. The teacher’s confidence will inspire more respect from the learners, thereby reducing disciplinary problems and helping the learners to feel more relaxed and open to learning.

       “A good teacher’s book lays out the basic principles of the course book and the recommended procedures for using the book. As such is it a guide for teachers, particularly novice teachers who may have little teacher training or classroom experience.  It is like the instruction manual that comes with a new car. Once you are familiar with the car you won’t need to consult the manual very often. However, with a course book, the situation is a little different since books are used in many different contexts and the information in the teacher’s book is likely to be very general and may need to be adapted to match the specific school context. It should be regarded as a springboard to support creative teaching rather than a straight-jacket.” – Prof. Jack C. Richards

           Rarely enough, there are teachers who do not make use of Teacher’s Guides and so end up getting confused on what to do in the process. It is when they begin their struggles in teaching for not knowing the clear procedure on how a lesson should be carried out. Fortunately, some find it exciting for not using these TG’s that they are forced to be extra creative and resourceful when teaching their lessons but yet it is somehow crucial to depend on your own instincts specially on teaching young minds. You need to have a credible guide or reference as to how you are going to facilitate learning in your class besides you have the sole academic freedom to make adjustments or modifications to these guides whenever you think it’s necessary. K-12 basic education curriculum gives more importance to the learning process rather learning outcome. It means that we, teachers, should give more credits to the learners’ actual performance. In this regard, the teaching-learning process should not be as dull as the traditional ways. We are now in the modern world and our learners have now access to limitless of information with a click of their fingertips. That is why teachers have to step 2 more ahead from them and that is when teacher’s guide comes of ease. We can utilize the use of the modern technology like computers, smart TV’s, projectors, tablets, etc. to better serve our clienteles. With the use of these Teacher’s Guides, teachers can now focus on the plan of execution which need to be challenging and exciting to the learners.

K-12 TEACHER'S GUIDES (Choose your Grade Level)
K-12 TEACHER'S GUIDE (TG): Kindergarten

K-12 TEACHER'S GUIDE (TG): Grade 1

K-12 TEACHER'S GUIDE (TG): Grade 2

K-12 TEACHER'S GUIDE (TG): Grade 3

K-12 TEACHER'S GUIDE (TG): Grade 4

K-12 TEACHER'S GUIDE (TG): Grade 5

K-12 TEACHER'S GUIDE (TG): Grade 6

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