This page listed down some available to download updated Teacher’s Guides for Grade 5 that you can have and use for free. We only ask, however, that you take a little time to validate each Teacher’s Guide you download to make sure that it fits your learners’ level of learning and blend on your learning atmosphere.

          Teacher’s Guide, as we teachers know, is a very powerful material that we can follow along with our learners to go through each lesson properly. It provides the whole teaching-learning process from start to finish. Learning objectives, materials, references, skills to master, and the learning activities down to the evaluation and homework are all indicated in a teacher’s guide.

          Here the is an example of a Teacher’s Guide for Grade 5 that brings convenience to us teachers and focus more on the execution. Below you find more of these for different subject areas.

I.              Objectives:
1.    Describe how rocks turn into soil.
2.    Identify the forces that break down rocks.
3.    Explain how rocks are broken down

II.            A. Materials:

            Websites: Kids Geo.com
                               Google search
            Day 1 – Activity 1:  “How Rocks turn into soil?”
            Day 2 – Activity 2: “Whether you believe it or not?”
            Day 3 – Activity 3: “Rock break down?”
            Pictures, video clips, chart

   B. References:
            Website: Environmental Science- Soil and It’s Uses
                           Kids Geo.com
                           Science for Daily Use 5 pp. 219-222

  C.  Process Skills:

            Observing, describing, inferring, listening

  D. Values Integration:
*      Appreciation of God’s creation
*      Conservation of natural resources
*      Awareness

III.           Learning Tasks
A.    Engagement
Note: Below are suggested instructions to be observed inside the class.

            Set Standard on:
*      Avoiding unnecessary noise in watching video clip.
*      Not to stand/walk around the classroom while watching.
*      Focus and cooperation in all activities.
*      Write down important notes to gather information.
*      Observed discipline.

After setting standard, do the following:
*      Allow pupils to sit comfortably while watching video.
*      Write down important notes to gather data.
*      Show discipline and cooperation in all activity.
*      Let them watch for 10-15 minutes.


B.    Exploration:
Preparatory Activity:
Say: Let us learn more about how rocks turn into soil as we perform the activity.

Day 1: LM Activity 1 – “How Rocks turn into soil?”

Day 2: LM Activity 2: “Whether you believe it or not?”

What are the forces that break down rocks? Complete the chart.

Day 3 -“Rock break down?”

Note: The teacher will let the pupils go outside the room to perform the activity.
1.    Distribute the materials needed.
2.    Explain clearly the procedure of the activity.
3.    Closely monitor the progress of each activity.

C.   Explanation:

Allow them to share their answer and the results of the activities.
Ask them: how do you feel about the activity?

Background Information for Teachers:

1.    Using illustration board/cartolina, crayons and pencil ask the pupils to create a poster of a natural process on how rocks turn into soil. (Group Work)
2.    Encourage pupils to make their own diagram which shows forces that break down rocks.
3.    As an output, you can group the learners. Ask them to compose a song about how rocks are broken.

D.   Evaluation:

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