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            Under K-12, quarterly examination takes only 20% of the periodic grade of a learner depending on the subject area. It may seem low but for good reason. K-12 grading system is designed to give more credits to the actual performance of the learners which include the seatworks, quizzes, performance tasks and more. Still, quarterly examination plays an imperative role in assessing learners’ performance because the result of it will determine the actual understanding and learning for the whole quarter. It is necessary for the learners to take extra effort in reviewing their lessons to render better performance on the testing proper. Some learners seek for the assistance if their parents, siblings, closest keens to help them prepare for the upcoming quarterly test and it is proven to be effective in a good way.


Injury Prevention, Safety and First Aid: Discusses the causes, costs, and prevention of accidents and injuries while performing various activities at home, in school or in the community. Prevention can be done through the promotion of safe environments, the development of safety programs, procedures and services, which includes first aid education and disaster preparedness programs.

Community and Environmental Health: Situates the learner as an integral part of the community and the environment, with a great responsibility of protecting the environment, with the support of individual and community actions and legislation promoting a standard of health, hygiene and safety in food and water supply, waste management, pollution control, pest control, as well as the delivery of primary health care.

Consumer Health: Focuses on the application of consumer knowledge and skills in the effective evaluation, selection and use of health information, products, and services.

Family Health: Covers information on the human life cycle and also on family dynamics that influence an individual’s development of ideals, values and standards of behavior with regard to sexuality and responsible parenthood.

Growth and Development: Emphasizes developmental milestones and health concerns during puberty and adolescence with focus on personal health and the development of self-management skills to cope with life’s changes.

Nutrition: Addresses the importance of eating healthy and establishing good eating habits especially for children and adolescents as a way to enhance health and prevent diseases.

Personal Health: Comprises personal health habits and practices that promote physical, mental, social, emotional, and moral-spiritual health and prevent or manage personal health issues and concerns.

Prevention and Control of Diseases and Disorders: Involves the prevention and control of both communicable and non-communicable diseases and disorders through the development of health habits and practices and the adoption of health programs supported by legislation with provisions on school and community health services.

Substance Use and Abuse: Highlights the prevention and control of the use, misuse, and abuse of substances and drugs by providing comprehensive information on the nature of abused substances, the negative impact of substance abuse on the individual, family and society in general; and the importance of learning and using resistance skills to protect oneself from drug risk-taking behaviors.

--Source: Department of Education, Philippines



PT Araling Panlipunan 3: 1st Quarter
PT English 3: 1st Quarter
PT ESP 3: 1st Quarter
PT Filipino 3: 1st Quarter
PT MAPEH 3: 1st Quarter
PT Mathematics 3: 1st Quarter
PT MTB 3: 1st Quarter
PT Science 3: 1st Quarter


PT Araling Panlipunan 3: 2nd Quarter
PT English 3: 2nd Quarter
PT ESP 3: 2nd Quarter

PT Filipino 3: 2nd Quarter
PT MAPEH 3: 2nd Quarter
PT Mathematics 3: 2nd Quarter
PT MTB 3: 2nd Quarter
PT Science 3: 2nd Quarter


PT Araling Panlipunan 3: 3rd Quarter
PT English 3: 3rd Quarter
PT ESP 3: 3rd Quarter
PT Filipino 3: 3rd Quarter
PT MAPEH 3: 3rd Quarter
PT Mathematics 3: 3rd Quarter
PT MTB 3: 3rd Quarter
PT Science 3: 3rd Quarter


PT Araling Panlipunan 3: 4th Quarter
PT English 3: 4th Quarter
PT ESP 3: 4th Quarter
PT Filipino 3: 4th Quarter
PT MAPEH 3: 4th Quarter
PT Mathematics 3: 4th Quarter
PT MTB 3: 4th Quarter
PT Science 3: 4th Quarter

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