SHORT STORIES (English and Tagalog)

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All learners are still into stories because things are easier understood when integrated to events both real or fantasy. It also ignite the imagination of the learners that most of the time bring joy to them especially when the story tells extra ordinary events.

Teachers on the other hand, may develop their story-telling skill that undeniably add more excitement and curiosity when delivering the story. Furthermore, critical thinking skills of the learners will truly progress as there are questions to be answered after the story that some of which are giving or predicting outcomes.  Vocabulary skills will also be developed upon reading short stories. Increasing the vocabulary of a pupil is a big advantage for it can be used for a lifetime. Broadening their minds on different things may affect their level of intelligence. It is said by old folks that through reading one can open its mind to the world and so deepen its understanding to a lot of matters.

Most children enjoy reading because they feel that they can go to various places which in reality they cannot reach. It is by these stories where children develop their goals in life. Some will strive to be a doctor because he read about good deeds a doctor can do to save lives. If we expose our pupils and lead them to a consistent reading habit we will be amazed to the good effects it will bring to them.

Children can become more interactive. When we tell them stories we slowly lead their minds to come up with question and clarifications to the story which then result to an interaction. It levels up they sense of curiosity and encourage them to draw their questions whenever they feel uncomfortable to the scenario. Among peers, they create discussions after the story has been told and they share their own insights. You will notice that these children have a lot of ideas on their minds that sometimes opened up with their friends. It will also make your class livelier when you facilitate activities connected to the story and you will be amazed how joyful it can be that your learners will show extraordinary ideas and thoughts.

Another good thing we can impose to our learners through these stories is the appreciation of their cultural origins or in short their history. Most children now-a-days do not give emphasis to what had happened a long time ago. They focus more on what they have now and look forward to the future which is practically good anyway. But we cannot let these little minds to be ignorant of the biggest chunks of important events that led them to what and who they are now today. These stories can show them the struggles and success their ancestors and heroes have went through to set the foundation of our society. Some stories deliver these in numerous creative ways to make it a bit more interesting to them but for some middle-aged children it is more than okay to directly tell them the whole story. 



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