UPDATED K-12 Instructional Materials

Listed and available for download on this page are collected instructional materials which we believe will contribute to teachers to deliver each lesson more exciting and meaningful. As we may know, IM’s become teacher’s necessity when delivering lessons to actively capture the interest of the learners and keep them motivated until the lessons end. It also create positive learning ambiance where both teachers and learners can enjoy the learning process.
Magical as they say but IM's nearly work that way when you see your students participate in the lesson and ask various questions which only show huge curiosity and interest. Learning becomes scalable as well as teachers can use more and more IM's to suffice the momentum of the entire learning process.

“Considering the goal of Basic Education Curriculum, there is a need to motivate the teachers to provide themselves on the appropriate teaching instructional materials specially in different learning  areas to enrich the teaching learning process.
Instructional Materials are to be constructed for a certain purpose to achieve a particular effect. They play important role during the teaching –learning process, because the pupils will be motivated to talk on and manipulate these materials. The quality and kind of instructional  materials depend largely  on how the teachers will analyze the skill so that they will be able to select the appropriate instructional materials. 
It is then important to conduct  different trainings  in the production of instructional materials , so they the teachers will be given chance to update their  instructional materials taking into consideration the skills in which they will be needed.”Master Teacher Shirley M. Cuevas

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  1. gud pm po... ask ko lng po sana kung mayroon kau mga pp or 2nd grading perion sa english 5 & 6? thankss po

  2. Thanks a lot po sa mga nakita ko na powerpoint para sa 3rd Quarter ,Makakatulong po ito ng lubusan sa aking pagtuturo.Sana po mayroon din pong Powerpoint para sa 2nd Quarter.Thanks po.

  3. good pm po meron po ba kayong power point sa grade 4 na lesson

  4. good pm meron po ba kayong grade 4 power point presentation 2nd quarter

  5. salamuch po sa inyong sharing. gnagawa nyo pong magaan ang trabaho ng bawat teachers.


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