WEEK 2 -2nd Quarter DLL (August 20 - August 24, 2018) ALL GRADES UPDATED

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Lesson planning serves as an integral part of successful teaching and learning process. Sure it is sometimes easy to teach with only what’s on your mind at the time being but nothing beats a teaching backed up with a conducive plan that ignites the potential of every learner.

Teachers with lesson plan ensures that the lessons and skills being taught to the learners are aligned and similar to other learners across the country. This way, not only we transfer the necessary skills they need to have but we also uplift the entire nation’s standard of education simultaneously.
Under K-12 Basic Education Curriculum, educators/teachers are instructed to make use of Daily Lesson Logs (DLL) instead of traditional Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP). Many teachers were relieved from spending numerous hours in Lesson Planning and spend little time to design each DLL.
            Here is the visual comparison of DLP and DLL and why DLL can give teachers more time to focus on teaching rather than planning.


Interpret signs and symbols

Subject Matter: ESL(English as a Second Language) Dialogue Drill and Different Means of Transportation

Value Focus: Following the traffic signs on the streets is really important. Let us appreciate the different community helpers because they can help the people in our neighbourhood

Materials: Pictures of commercially made signs, pentel pen, bond paper, CD, CD player, and Manila paper

Daily Language Activity
Words for the day (Drill).

Activating Prior Knowledge
Try to read and answer my riddle.
Riddle: You see me on the streets.
I make sure there’s no traffic.
I am kind to law-abiding drivers.
But I give tickets to irresponsible ones.
Who am I? Answer: Policeman or MMDA

What mode of transportation was mentioned in the story? What other means of transportations do you know? Draw them.

Explain the I Can Do It Activity in their LMs.

Why do we need to follow, respect and appreciate the different community helpers in our areas/ barangay? Let us appreciate the different community helpers because they can help the people in our neighborhood.

Procedure, Presentation, Generalization, Application, and Evaluation vary depending on the subject area and subject matter. Most of the time DLP can really be extremely detailed that it becomes way too long.


It is however made brief that teachers have the freedom to fill the simple DLL parts according to their teaching needs. Below shows its parts to be filled.

Learning Resources

Yes it can be indeed short because we have the learning codes that we are free to fill in. As long as we have the TG and LM/resources we can push this DLL to be simplified. 
         WEEK 2 - 2nd Quarter DLL (Daily Lesson Log) August 20 - August 24, 2018

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