Workbooks (UPDATED) Very Useful and Effective

Listed are workbook files available to download for free. With dedication to use these materials your students will surely be skillful enough. Most teachers say it is not enough that your students know how to read and write, it is still way a lot better if they can be extra ahead and extra skillful on these things.
You will be amazed how good your students can be when they use these materials/workbooks. We have listed some good advantages/importance of using WorkBooks/WorkSheets:

1. Improves the critical or higher order thinking skills. As learners go through these materials they are subconsciously giving inputs to the worksheet and somehow come up with ideas that can be brought to discussion. 

2. It compensates to the class discussion. Allowing learners to work with these materials can lead to interactive class activities.

3. They progress towards working independently. Little ones can be dependents to their parents when they begin learning. But when exposed to these materials and make it as a routine in working with it you will notice that they will eventually enjoy working with it independently which increases their sense of responsibility as well.

4. Increases creativity. Each worksheet can be designed unique. Providing them with materials that involves giving their inputs in completing it either using colors, paints, drawing, and even problem solving can without a doubt increase their level of creativity.

5. Ease the boredom in the classroom (sometimes). When times get rough and boredom attacks both to learners and teachers, we can rely to interactive workbooks and worksheets to spice up your time.

6. Manages to cope with the least learned competencies.

7. It brings joy to the learners.
Credits to the authors/makers/contributors of these materials.


Workbook: ENGLISH 2

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  1. thank you very much. with these, I know we can teach well our learners. Its a big help. God bless.

    1. It will always be our pleasure to help our fellow teachers. Happy Teaching!

  2. I'm very thankful to our DepEd family to share these teaching materials which I needed most in teaching. Hope and pray na hindi kayo magsawa sa pagshare sa amin. Again THANK YOU very much!!!

  3. thank you for sharing this workbook. it is a big help in teaching my math subjects

  4. a big help po... sana may work book din para sa grade 3 mathematics....

  5. Thank you very much and more power..

  6. Thank you so much! God will bless you more for helping our fellow educators.

  7. This is a BIG HELP. Thank you so much!

  8. thank you DepEd family, it is indeed a great help. Go bless you more!

  9. sana po may workbook din po grade 2 math salamat po.


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