Alphabet Reading Materials (READY-TO-PRINT) Very Effective!!

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Reading, over time, has become a pleasure thing to do to most people and to some children and it does make a huge difference to their educational performance. It is also proven that those who enjoy reading increase their vocabulary, general knowledge, understand the world in so many perspectives, discipline, and even understanding other races and cultures.

And to some institution, they rely more on the reading ability of the children whether they can read well and comprehend. It is with this regard that we should focus on developing the reading skills of our children to better perform in and outside the school.

There are several techniques on how we can train them to read in the beginning level so as to help them appreciate reading itself. Here in the Philippines, we depend more on the school to help our children while in fact we should let them and help them read whenever and wherever they want.

Parents are apparently more effective to teach these young minds specially in beginning reading. With affection and comfort they can give, there is a huge chance that a child would learn and read faster and better. It is, however, subsequently important that teachers in school should push and encourage them to read more individually and with the group by providing necessary reading materials that would maximize their reading skills/ability and develop as well their social skills.

Below we provide some reading materials focusing on the Alphabet Letters to help you introduce beginning reading. Feel free to download them by clicking on the file. Happy teaching!


FREE DOWNLOAD: Instructional and Reading Materials

Alphabet Reading Materials (READY-TO-PRINT) Very Effective!! Alphabet Reading Materials (READY-TO-PRINT) Very Effective!! Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on September 24, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. not contextualized. do we have acorns and artichokes in the philippines.


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