First 1000 Words for Reading with FREE FLASHCARDS

Reading plays an integral part of child’s developing mind. It serves as a funnel to what are the essential things that need to be inside your child’s cognitive ability. Most people now-a-days disregard the time to be spent in reading simply because almost everything can be watched over the TV and YouTube for example. But we must take it into deep consideration that nothing beats thorough and habitual reading especially to the young minds.
There are tons of reasons why you need to establish a good reading capability of your child, some of which are listed as follows:

1.    Imagination soars high. Your child will start to picture out things when they start reading and comprehending. It allows them to develop their wide imagination ability that each child uniquely possesses. Some children even create a world of their own where they can do things they want and shout all they want.
2.    It gives them joy and keep them entertained. When children start reading materials with pictures they get entertained immediately as they are attracted to simple visuals and colors. It hooks them to read more and more as they become happy to what they are reading.
3.    It helps them to be independent. As they read and read more and more materials they will then develop confidence that they can now read and understand the world on their own.
4.    Develops vocabulary. Habitual reading can unconsciously develop the vocabulary of the children. They will be exposed to words they never knew and start defining it for them to understand better the context of the material.
5.    Helps in grammar and writing. Imitation of words, phrases, and sentences can be done by the children as they admire the linguistic beauty of written texts. Hence, they begin to understand grammatical structures and quickly correct mistaken phrases or sentences. It also helps them in writing as they are well aware on how they read texts and so be it as examples when they start writing.
6.    It prepares them for the future. We can never deny that those who know more can easily open various opportunities in the future assuring that they also possess good attitude. When you read more, you know more, and when you know more people will like you more. As simple as that you can gain more attention and opportunities will be opened for you in all directions.

All these are achievable only when your kids begin to read correctly and develop the joy in reading along the way. It is also with this reason why we put Fry’s First 1000 words that your children can use to start their reading journey and help those who are struggling at the moment.


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