GRADE 3 DLP - Detailed Lesson Plans (UPDATED)

Detailed Lesson Plan is quite longer and provides more information/data and steps of the entire teaching process unlike the Daily Lesson Plan. DLL’s are very useful because it contain mostly of codes which can be found on the references at hand but some, if not most, still prefer to use DLP’s for some informative reasons.

“Lesson plans serve as a useful basis for future planning. They can be used again, in part or in whole, for future classes. Lesson planning for subsequent years can be drawn from and modified from current planning. The extra effort put in by first year teachers to plan and organize the entire year’s lesson plans and resources will go a long way for subsequent years teaching the same level.” –

Lesson Plans make the teaching-learning process aligned to the learning standards in our curriculum. It goes without saying that teaching without a plan is like walking towards nowhere. Some would disagree with it because there are teachers who can easily teach their students even without a prepared plan and yes it could be done. However, it is indeed necessary to have a prepared plan before going to school so you can make sure that when you teach there is an assurance that you are doing it in lieu of the holistic goal of the department. Plans are also the concrete evidences that you go/went through the lessons in your subject which serve as basis in evaluating your teaching performance.

Navigate below and you will find the Detailed Lesson Plans we have collected and organized for you. Note that we do not claim ownership of these files and we only share it for the love of teaching. We give full credits to the owners/authors/contributors of these files and urge you to do the same to help our fellow educators. Be a contributor, click the link on the upper part of this website “BE A CONTRIBUTOR” and submit the files you want to share. Happy Teaching!!

GRADE 3 Detailed Lesson Plans

1st - 4th Quarter DLP – ALL SUBJECTS

Grade 3 DLP: FILIPINO – Q1 to Q4

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  1. Such a great help for new teacher like me

  2. Hello. In Grade 3 DLP. Why is it there is no MTB-MLE subject?

  3. maraming salamat po sa lahat ng nag upload ..napakalaking tulong po ito sa akin..God bless u

  4. thank you so much for all your post. It's a great help to a teacher like me... Mabuhay kayong lahat. Pagpalain nawa kayo ng Poong Maykapal.

  5. this will help me a lot thank you very much

  6. wala po ba mapeh at mtb? huhuhu if meron po kahit buy ko

  7. Detailed Lesson plan for elementary Physical Education please

  8. i would like to ask detailed lesson plan for mapeh grade 1-3 from first grading to fourth grading

  9. hello sir. .Can I ask a copy for MTB and MAPEH DLP sir?. .thank you


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