POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (1st and 2nd QUARTER) Grade 1 to Grade 6

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      In this modern time, our learners are always seeking for something extra ordinary to their eyes. They became well oriented to the new technology coming their ways one after the other. It is with this reason why teachers need to cope up with this new era of technological advancement and start using this new tech as well. To some it is hard to do so considering their age status but it is never too late to learn.

      One of many is the use of Miscrosoft Powerpoint Presentation. This program can bring great impact to the teaching and learning process for it can easily attract the attention/interest of these young minds. In most cases now-a-days, it is one of the most effective tools to help our students learn more efficiently. This program allows the teacher to prepare his lessons in a very creative presentation which can be interactive in some manner. With proper training and constant practice of using the powerpoint, it can really manifest good teaching skills and result to better understanding of the lessons being taught.

     To some extent, students may as well make their own presentations in powerpoint whenever it is necessary on the lesson. You will notice that this creates a whole new learning environment where your students become more aggressive to participate and you never get to lose their attention on the subject matter. It is also amazing how easily they can control the program and navigate it as if they are using it every single day. The program is equipped with various types of media like inserting images, sounds, animations, creating designs, special effects and a lot more. These features also allow our students to be extra creative and focus on discovering new things.

        The teaching-learning process will be brought to the next level by the use of this very simple program. It will truly enhance the learning abilities of each student and help them learn better. Minimizing the use of chalks and boards and maximizing on this type of teaching will surely give you and your students better academic outcomes. It is however our duty to regulate its usage and make sure that it does not go beyond its purpose.

PowerPoint Presentation Lessons GRADE 4

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (1st and 2nd QUARTER) Grade 1 to Grade 6 POWERPOINT PRESENTATION (1st and 2nd QUARTER) Grade 1 to Grade 6 Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on September 27, 2018 Rating: 5


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