PowerPoint Presentation (Quarter 2: WEEK 6)

Creating lessons using new technology can bring excitement and joy not only to the learners but also to the teachers. Powerpoint presentation is one of the platforms that we, teachers, can utilize to deliver our lessons in a livelier manner. 

Below are the benefits you can get in a learning atmosphere using new technology, Microsoft PowerPoint in particular:

1.    Saves time and resources. There is no need to prepare too much materials like manila papers, cartolinas, charts, posters, and a like. Using PPT creatively you can practically put it all together with designs and insertions. Forget all the bulky teaching aides we were traditionally using. Preparation time can also be lessen since you are only creating your PPT in a computer or a laptop. With only clicks of a mouse and encoding you can be out of your work in no time.
2.    Increases creativity. Modern era has brought us to the world of endless information and borderless imagination. You can maximize the use of PPT through animations and creative graphics. Now don’t get overwhelmed on how to create those animations because they are readily available for download in the internet and inserting it to your PPT can take you less time than you expected.
3.    Hooks eyeballs/interests. Your class is mostly composed of audio-visual learners which basically learn better by watching and observing. Taking advantage of this new tech can bring you a solid class ready to listen on what you are about to say and watch what you are about to show.
4.    Encourages academic interactions. Noticeably, learners will likely to engage in academic activities when they like what they are doing and again it is the advantage of using PPT in your lessons providing that your presentations are well aligned to the curriculum and will catch the attention of your learners.

We understand that not most of the teachers can prepare PPT so we managed to organized some submitted files to us and post it below for you to download. All credits go to the owners/authors of these files.

Quarter 2: WEEK 6


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