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Upright lesson planning is decisive to the process of teaching and learning.  A teacher with good lesson plans is on his/her way to a successful instructional experience.  The development of interesting lessons takes a great deal of time and effort.  As a new teacher you must be committed to spending the necessary time in this endeavor.

Under K-12 Basic Education Curriculum, educators/teachers are instructed to make use of Daily Lesson Logs (DLL) instead of traditional Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP). Many teachers were relieved from spending numerous hours in Lesson Planning and spend little time to design each DLL.

It is also important to realize that the best planned lesson is worthless if interesting delivery procedures, along with good classroom management techniques, are not in evidence.  There is a large body of research available pertaining to lesson development and delivery and the significance of classroom management.  They are skills that must be researched, structured to your individual style, implemented in a teacher/learning situation, and constantly evaluated and revamped when necessary.  Consistency is of the utmost importance in the implementation of a classroom management plan.

Here is the visual comparison of DLP and DLL and why DLL can give teachers more time to focus on teaching rather than planning.


I.    Objective:
v  Uses the correct intonation for statement and yes/no question
Values:    Listening Attentively

II.   Subject Matter:
      Correct intonation for statements and Yes/No Questions

      References: PELC 1, p. 20, Fun in English (R); Fun in English (L) pp. 15-17
      Materials:      chart, arrow cards, flash cards
III.  Procedure
      A.  Pre- activities:
            1.         Drill:
                        Divide the following into syllables           
artificial.               business
eleventh              signature
injection               envelope
2.   Unlocking of difficulties
Match the underlined words in column A with their meaning in Column B.
      A                                                                                 B
1.   The farmer was bitten by a serpent in the farm              a.         To charm or to attract
2.   He tied the bow with a cord.                             b.   Snake
3.   Her bewitching voice made me feed good.                     c.         String
            3.         Motivation
                        Have you celebrated your birthday already?
Did you receive any gift that surprised you? What is it?

B.  Presentation:
1.   Pupils read silently the story " Pandora's Box" on pp. 20-22 of Fun in English ( R )

2.   Comprehension Questions
a.   Why was Pandora sent to live with Epimetheus?
b.   What made her think that the box was for her?
c.   Why did Pandora become so curious to know what was in the box?

3.   Skill Development
      a.   Read the following questions and statements taken from the story you read:
1.   Did he have a staff?
2.   Will you stay with us forever?
3.   Pandora was busy untying the knot.
b.   How will you read the first question? the second question?
c.   What kind of intonation did you use?
d.   How will you read statement 3? statement 4? statement 5?
e.   What intonation did you use?

4.   Generalization
            What intonation do you use for statements and yes/no questions?

5.   Practice Exercises
      a.   Guide Practice
1.   Identify the correct intonation for the following then read correctly.
1.   Farming is our chief industry.
2.   Is the report interesting?

b.   Independent Practice
            Put the arrow point at the end of the sentence to show the correct intonation to use.
1    Does your mother teach in this school?
2.   No, she doesn't. She teaches in another school.

IV. Evaluation:
            Copy the sentences and    put the arrow point to show the correct intonation to use.
1.   Is that a movie?
2.   This is a wholesome movie for the family.
3.   What is it all about?

V.  Assignment:
Write two statements and three yes/no questions. Put the arrow points to show the correct intonation to use.

Procedure, Presentation, Generalization, Application, and Evaluation vary depending on the subject area and subject matter. Most of the time DLP can really be extremely detailed that it becomes way too long.


It is however made brief that teachers have the freedom to fill the simple DLL parts according to their teaching needs. Below shows its parts to be filled.

Learning Resources

Yes it can be indeed short because we have the learning codes that we are free to fill in. As long as we have the TG and LM/resources we can push this DLL to be simplified. 
         WEEK 5 - 2nd Quarter DLL (Daily Lesson Log) September 10 - September 14, 2018

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