WEEK 7 -2nd Quarter DLL (September 24- September 28, 2018) ALL GRADES Updated!!

A successful delivery of a lesson is an indication of a good lesson planning. Every teacher who wants to have meaningful and well-organized class usually prepares a good lesson plan. There are some who continue to teach and do not even worry if they do not have a lesson plan but they know that their teaching does not work well. This is because they are just as rigid as what they will do to students leading to their confusion that will result in low performance. It is important that every teacher knows that the lesson plan plays a major role in the course of their teaching. It should be clear that our pupils’ performance can go up and down depending on how we deliver the lesson and that dictates us to at least have a prepared plan and not compromise our pupils’ performance for that matter.
Many schools today in our country allow teachers to use Daily Lesson Logs or DLL's. Teachers know that making the lesson plan is not a simple matter that you can do in just minutes. This is often the reason for each and every one of us to stay up late at night which often times lead to stress and health problems. This is not over-reacting because it is a fact that with over loads of work teachers are feeling burn out. Preparing a plan is not easy because first you have to think of the level of your students before you put the activities into your lesson plan you want them to do. Thinking of learning materials to be used is also challenging for teachers because not all of the resources are available in all areas. After doing the lesson plans teachers then proceed on preparing their teaching aides and I tell you it is another challenging task. If you teach in an urban area or in place where materials are easy to find then you are lucky, but you are assigned in a far flung barangay where even electricity is not evident then you carry a more challenging job.

Good thing our Department, the Department of Education, has allowed the use the DLL's for us teachers to somehow reduce the time we allocate in preparing the lesson plan. Using just codes a teacher will find it quick to complete a whole DLL provided that he or she has reference to these codes. Teachers will now have enough time to prepare their teaching materials and eventually focus on the most important thing, teaching.
Below you can simply choose your respective grade level so you can FREELY download the DLL's you are looking for. Note that we do not claim ownership of any files you find, we only provide the service of organizing it and posting it here on our site to help our fellow teachers for the love of teaching. We give full credits to the respective owners of these files and may our God bless them more for sharing these files. After you download, please double check it and look for further improvement and add whatever is necessary so it can be more appropriate to your class. Happy Teaching!

WEEK 7 - 2nd Quarter DLL (Daily Lesson Log) September 24- September 28, 2018

UPDATED!! Grade 4 DLL Daily Lesson Log

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WEEK 7 -2nd Quarter DLL (September 24- September 28, 2018) ALL GRADES Updated!! WEEK 7 -2nd Quarter DLL (September 24- September 28, 2018) ALL GRADES Updated!! Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on September 21, 2018 Rating: 5


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