2nd PERIODICAL TESTS (All Subjects-All Grade Levels) UPDATED!!

Quarterly examination is still an effective method to gauge the learning of our children for the entire duration of the quarter. Given the fact that we do not take the major portion of the learner's grade from the quarterly exam yet we consider it a major way to measure their entire quarter learning.
      Preparing a quarterly test is truly a challenge to us, teachers. Looking at the learning competencies we have taught them, we should little by little focus on each of it while preparing our test. At the same time, the complexity of the test is another thing to consider depending on the level of understanding of your learners.          
     Receiving high result from these test will also move the learners with high morale and respect and become more confident in their respective fields.

      Under K-12, quarterly examination takes only 20% of the periodic grade of a learner depending on the subject area. It may seem low but for good reason. K-12 grading system is designed to give more credits to the actual performance of the learners which include the seatworks, quizzes, performance tasks and more. Still, quarterly examination plays an imperative role in assessing learners’ performance because the result of it will determine the actual understanding and learning for the whole quarter. It is necessary for the learners to take extra effort in reviewing their lessons render better performance on the testing proper. Some learners seek for the assistance if their parents, siblings, closest keens to help them prepare for the upcoming quarterly test and it is proven to be effective in a good way.

Each teacher has a freedom to construct these examinations based on their own preferences to which learners will be challenged to take these up. Various forms of tests can be utilized in constructing these tests, you can use multiple choice, matching type, identification, enumeration, completion, essay type, problem solving, and plenty more. Upon completion of the test, it is advisable that school heads or the school testing team shall conduct validation of the test to make sure that you only provide quality examination to your learners. Some correction can be done before the final reproduction.

Out of generosity of our fellow teachers, this site will provide you some ready-made periodical tests that you can download and use for your convenience. We adhere to propose that you do some validation and adjustment for we are aware of the circumstances that you may be facing depending on your geographical location and learning styles of your learners. You may modify and add more HOTS questions or you may also simplify these questions to fit your learners’ capability. Either way, we only good for our learners.


2nd Periodical Test GRADE 3

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2nd PERIODICAL TESTS (All Subjects-All Grade Levels) UPDATED!! 2nd PERIODICAL TESTS (All Subjects-All Grade Levels) UPDATED!! Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on October 03, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. This is not updated - Grade 6 mathematics does not match with the topics covered in the 2nd quarter. Supposedly - Ratio & Proportion, Percentages, Rates, Exponents and Integers.

  2. how about for the JHS periodical test specially science. Grade -8 and 9 2nd Quarter

  3. Grade 10 .second quarter please

  4. Can I have grade 10 english 2nd periodical test please?


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