REMEDIAL READING Materials (New and Effective)

Good reading skills can lead our learners to a whole new world of endless knowledge and opportunities. That is why in primary grades and even in higher grade levels, teachers are in deep effort to help them improve reading skills. Unfortunately, there are so many reasons behind this problem and one of which is the interest of the learners to read and lack of parental support at home in terms of reading. And so teachers are left with only one choice and that is to give all kinds of help needed just to improve their reading skills.
Remedial reading is a way to improve their deficient skills in reading in a creative or innovative way. Teachers can give one on one session to each frustrating learner to better assess and assist him/her in improving the skills. Struggling readers will receive even more appreciation and support than others to help them build self-confidence which is an essential attribute in facing reading activities. Each school and teachers organization have developed different reading programs and implement it school-wide and even district-wide to give systematic approach to their campaign to improving their reading index.
Below we have organized some reading materials which we believe are very useful especially in reading intervention or remedial reading. Thanks to our very generous author/contributor Ma'am Kristine Bernadette F. Dimacali for sharing these materials so we can help our fellow teachers in their teaching journey. Each file is ready-made and ready-to-print and can be modified for your preference.

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  2. Very useful to the teachers who really want to improve their craft and keep abreast of best practices by others being shared for the benefit of greater number of teaching proessionals.KUDOS to rightful owner of this published materials.

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  4. Soo very useful thanks for sharing ,,God bless and more power

  5. Thank you for these it's because it helps us in the field of teaching.

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  7. Thank you very much for sharing these very useful materials for the teachers to teach to the learners for remediation


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