WEEK 5: 3rd Quarter POWERPOINT LESSONS (Updated)

Navigate below, click your respective grade level, see if the powerpoint lessons are updated, and download it for FREE. Please bear in mind that we  only upload files that are submitted to us so we sincerely apologize if the files in some grade levels are not updated. But rest assured that we are doing our best to find the necessary files so we can be of good service in providing you, our fellow teachers, with your most needed materials/resources/teaching files. Also, we would like the send our deepest gratitude to the contributors of these files. Please do same so we can help a lot more of our co-teachers who are struggling to prepare their teaching materials.

It is very rare in this modern era that a child is not attracted or oriented in the use of various modern technologies. Even toddlers can now manipulate a smartphone or a tablet and middle aged children are far more advance in using computers than us when were in their age. In response to our modern aged learners we are urged to cope up with their interests through the use of these modern tech and one simple way is presenting our lessons using Microsoft Office Powerpoint which has proved itself to be truly effective.
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WEEK 5: 3rd Quarter POWERPOINT LESSONS (Updated) WEEK 5: 3rd Quarter POWERPOINT LESSONS (Updated) Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on November 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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