Higher Fund Allocation on Training/Seminars for Teachers

Attending training, seminars, and workshops for teachers are considered helpful and effective considering the skills they can acquire, tips and strategies in teaching, and maximizing their professional acquaintances among their colleagues.

With training, seminars and workshops here and there, the Department of Education wanted to give more comfort and security to teacher participants by increasing the fund allocation per day in the training. Below is a portion regarding this matter. Please read the full press release by clicking the link below.

"Professional development
In support of teachers’ continuing professional development, and in view of the continuously increasing cost of living, the Department also raised its allocation for facilities, meals and snacks, and room accommodation for official activities organized and conducted by DepEd including trainings, seminar-workshops, and capability buildings programs.

From the P1,200 per participant per day allotment in the previous year, the allowable rate was increased to P1,500 for activities utilizing DepEd training venues, and to P2,000 for activities using other training venues, to ensure that participating teachers are securely and comfortably accommodated while enhancing their skills and competencies.

The Department further recognizes teachers who volunteer services above and beyond classroom teaching, including performance of poll duties. In grateful appreciation of their continuous heed to the patriotic call to serve in the elections, DepEd successfully pushed for the increase in their honoraria, allowances, service credits, and other benefits.

Pursuant to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Resolution No. 10297 promulgated on March 27, 2018, the chairperson of the Electoral Board is entitled to P6,000 honoraria, while its members shall receive P5,000. The DepEd Supervising Official (DESO) is given P4,000, while a support staff is allotted P2,000. Teachers who rendered their time and effort in the polls are also provided with an additional P1,000 transportation allowance."

See the DepEd's press realease: (click here)
SOURCE: Department of Education (www.deped.gov.ph)

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