Tips on Spending Wisely this Christmas Season

We all can feel the vibe of Christmas season as December 25 is fast approaching. Seeing the streets, the malls, the parks, even our neighbors are joyfully decorating in the name of Christmas. Yes, it is a good feeling especially that we can now spend long quality time with our beloved families and special ones.
Christmas Season, however, is also the time for the businesses or entrepreneurs to take advantage in increasing their sales and revenues by offering us countless items, bundles, promos and discounts which are obviously irresistible. As employees who rely much to our monthly salaries, annual bonuses, and allowances, we should be wise in spending our hard earned money so we still have some more to spend after the season. Below are some popular tips on how to be a wise consumer/customer:
1. Plan and set your Christmas budget.
Nothing beats a certain plan and a limit on your spending. This may sound a little off to some, but this has been proven effective as you are only bounded to spend within your limits. Planning when and what to buy can bring you definite purpose on your shopping days.

2. Do not think of spending your extra money.
It is very tempting, especially during Christmas season, to buy and spend your money to something which obviously fall into leisure. With the buying environment like friends and the entire community, most of us  tend to find ways on where and how to spend our extra money (savings) to fulfill this stereotype. The idea to this is simply not thinking that your money is supposed to be spent during this season. Save it or spend it to something good like business.

3. Go straight to the store. No to window shopping.
We know a lot of people who spends their extra time in walking in the mall or as we call it "window shopping". Although there is really nothing wrong with that because ofcourse it's free. Yet, it is also the best way for the businesses to get your attention and subconsciously calls you to action (buy). We say, go straight to the store where you need to buy and don't look to things you barely don't need. This way, you will be minimizing the chances on spending your extra money. Hence, more goes to savings.

4. Firmly decide on NEEDS not on WANTS. 
This may sound cliche to almost all of us, but hey, you know it to yourself that our WANTS always get into our heads and at times they're just too hard to refuse.

5. Look for great deals.
We simply cannot avoid buying and when it comes, make sure you find great deals available for your needs. This can save you good amount of money if you have the patience.

6. Monitor your expenses.
Basically this is to keep your pocket/wallet breathing. With so many happenings, parties, and gatherings, it is best to track your expenses even the little amounts that go out from your pocket. This is to give you a simple warning when to stop spending.

7. Have a good state of mind.
Of all the tips mentioned, this one is the most important. Whether you're an employee or a businessman, having a good state of mind is proven to be the  most decent way in managing your finances. One person with very minimal amount of income can one day be a multi-millionaire if he/she possesses a good state of mind.

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