Tongue Twisters (Ready-to-Print) Very Useful!

To better practice the reading skills of our learners, we have put together some reading materials and made it available for you to download for free. Credits to Ma'am Jennifer P. Banquil for making these materials to help our fellow teachers in improving the reading abilities of their learners.
Tongue twisters can be used to improve the pronunciation of our learners. It enhances as well the fluency of their speaking skills. Using the sounds repetition, it is proven to bring the reading and speaking skills of learners into the next level. Tongue twisters are meant to twist their tongues basically, but for a good reason. Most twisters are fun and exciting to speak and some do not even give any important meaning which is all right since the purpose of it is to fix mispronunciation and mastery of speaking skills. We can make use of these materials however we want as long as it serves its purpose. It can be executed individually or by group to bring in some variation. Some prefer to do it in pairs so that it will be like give and take where the two can actually share their thoughts upon the delivery of each tongue twister.

Below you can simply click on the link to to view and download each tongue twister for free. Enjoy! Happy teaching!

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Tongue Twisters (Ready-to-Print) Very Useful! Tongue Twisters (Ready-to-Print) Very Useful! Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on December 18, 2018 Rating: 5


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