First STEP IN READING (Applicable in Remedial too)

Click on the link below to view and download each reading file that you need. Our website/team does not claim any ownership of the following, instead we only provide the service of connecting you (teachers) to these (reading materials) so we can serve our purpose of helping out our fellow teachers in teaching our young children to read effectively.
Every teacher in primary level aspires to see their learners read accurately and comprehensively. Yet at some areas in our country, there are still children who are not able to even see good reading materials which led them to a sort of illiteracy. The burden falls now to the teachers to assist them and make them read slowly but surely. You may now download the following reading materials to help you in your reading program. These materials can also be used in REMEDIAL reading for those who are still struggling to read.

First Steps in Reading Cover (download)
Lesson 1 Medial Letter Aa (download)
Lesson 1 Reading Material (download)
Lesson 1 Reading Material 2 (download)
Lesson 1 Let's Answer (download)
Lesson 2 Medial Letter Ee (download)
Lesson 2 Reading Material (download)
Lesson 2 Reading Material 2 (download)
Lesson 2 Let's Answer (download)
Lesson 3 Medial Letter Ii (download)
Lesson 3 Reading Material (download)
Lesson 3 Reading Material 2 (download)
Lesson 3 Let's Answer (download)
Lesson 4 Medial Letter Oo (download)
Lesson 4 Reading Material (download)
Lesson 4 Reading Material 2 (download)
Lesson 4 Let's Answer (download)
Lesson 5 Medial Letter Uu (download)
Lesson 5 Reading Material (download)
Lesson 5 Reading Material 2 (download)
Lesson 5 Let's Answer (download)

Credits: These Files are Products of 21st Century Teachers (LIKE and FOLLOW their Page Click Here)
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