FREE English Reading Materials (Ready to Print and Use)

Click on the link below to view and download each file of these English Reading Materials all for FREE. Credits to the owner/contributor of these useful files.
Helping and assisting your pupils in reading English Materials is considered imperative in the holistic development of their reading and comprehension skills. After learning and mastering the skills in reading Filipino ones, it is in deep need for them to learn how to do it in English with correct basic pronunciation and word recognition applied in English language.

Bid Tid (click to download)
Dad Sad (click to download)
Dan Nan (click to download)
Fix Six (click to download)
Hot Pot (click to download)
Jab Dad (click to download)
Lin Kin (click to download)
Mag Fag (click to download)
Mop Pop (click to download)
Mut Jut (click to download)
Nap Pap (click to download)
Noli Dan (click to download)
Nun Sun (click to download)
Pat Mat (click to download)
Pig Fig (click to download)
Pit Gip (click to download)
Rod Mop (click to download)
Sam Tan (click to download)
Sig Gets the Ball (click to download)
Sid Want his Hut (click to download)
Wit Pit (click to download)

FREE English Reading Materials (Ready to Print and Use) FREE English Reading Materials (Ready to Print and Use) Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on January 17, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. Pls send me a copy of these... Thanks

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  3. thank po sa mga reading materials...

  4. helps me a lot,thank you very much

  5. It helps a lot of nonreaders.

  6. Thank you po. It helps me a lot. God bless

  7. Thank you so much it really helps me in my remedial class😊

  8. Thank u so much it really heLps my grade 1 pupils

  9. Thanks much... It's really a agreat help


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