Magkano ang Proposed DAGDAG Sahod sa mga Guro?

How much will teachers get if the salary increases or pay hike is finally approved and implemented by the government? We do not have a clear answer to that since the government is still up for some research or study where they will base the crafting for the pay hike of all government workers. But of course, there are concerned groups who have given their proposals as to how much should teachers get from the said increase.
“As far as we’re concerned, this is urgent, especially in the context of TRAIN and the rise in the cost of living that it has brought,” the lawmaker said, referring to the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law. The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) initiated a signature campaign calling for a P10,000 per month across-the-board salary increase for all public-school teachers.

"We demand the immediate implementation of a P30,000 entry-level salary for public school teachers and P16,000 as the minimum salary for employees in the government service," ACT

Proposed by TDC – Additional P10,000.00 per month across-the-board
Proposed by ACT – P30,000.00 entry-level for public school teachers

These are just salary-increase proposals and the government will still have to come up with a fair and justifiable margin to this matter. According to DBM, pay hike will start on 2020 but it would be a lot better if this happens before this year, 2019, ends.
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  1. Still believe of what this government can do.Everything is possible in God's mighty hands.Never lose hope teachers.Lets stay united and pray for our development.


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