NURSERY RYHMES (Free Download) Ready to Print

1. Loving nursery rhymes opens the door to a love of all books.
I remember sitting on the couch with our oldest when she was nine months old. As she squirmed and grabbed for the pages, I lamented to my husband, “I just wish she would love listening to books!”  Just a few months later, she began paging through books on her own.   Now seven years old, she’s a total bookworm.  Those early rhymes gave her a love for books which she hasn’t lost!
2. Nursery rhymes can boost early language development.
So does that mean if you read nursery rhymes beginning from the first week of life your child will be an early talker?  Not necessarily.  I read stacks of books to our oldest every day, but she didn’t utter a word until she was over 2 1/2.  When she finally began to speak, however, we heard pieces of all the nursery rhymes I’d been reading to her since she was a baby.

3. A love for nursery rhymes opens the door to creativity.
Act out rhymes, create nursery rhyme crafts, illustrate favorite rhymes, and write your own.  Plus, listening to rhymes without pictures lets your child create mental images in his head. (This ability will come in handy when he starts reading chapter books!)

4. Nursery rhymes are the perfect first stories.
I’ve found it difficult reading aloud to babies who want to grab and mouth everything.  That’s why I like to keep short rhyming board books on hand when we have a baby in the house.   The bouncy rhythm catches their attention, and the short length means I might be able to finish a rhyme before little hands grab the book.

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