Teachers are granted ONE FREE DAY to Renew our PRC IDs

The Civil Service Commission, pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 1800923 promulgated on August 29, 2018 supports Republic Act No. 10912 also known as the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016. The Law aims to promote and upgrade the practice of professions in the country and to continuously improve the competence of professionals in accordance with the international standards of practice.

In line with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of government professionals, the Commission prescribes that:
All government professionals are granted one (1) day on official time for every three years for the renewal of their Professional Identification Cards (PICs).

Download this for your reference and full details >> MC No. 18 s. 2018

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Teachers are granted ONE FREE DAY to Renew our PRC IDs Teachers are granted ONE FREE DAY to Renew our PRC IDs Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on January 05, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. Sana nga naman... Hirap na mg teachers kulang sahod...

  2. Sad thing is, in my case.. this was not honored even I was able to present a Certificate of Appearance, it was still counted as absent. Lesson: Huwag umasa sa mga pangakong ganito. Too good to be true. This will never happen in reality.

  3. Pray din tyo na Sana dinggin na ni pres Duterte Ang ating panawagan Ng salary increase.

  4. 1. Teaching is the most noble profession. This stuck to my mind since age 8 in basic school
    2. I'm 57, my wife's a public basic school teacher around 3 decades since.
    3. I'm much privy, that a teacher surmounts all challenges in life, name them. But cares, teaches
    kids in heart,selfless.
    4. I could see, feel the gains from a teacher now. More so of kids, growing to a brilliant fellow
    5. It's long overdue. But it's just alright. This would be a hallmark pen of a developing PH
    6. Not only for the teachers, the kids, but all the Filipino, until thy kingdom come.

  5. 4. ...More so, of kids growing as great Filipino citizens, great men.


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