Protect your DepEd Email and Password

The Office of the Undersecretary for Administration is now aware of a savings and loan institution asking for the deped email addresses and passwords as one of their requirements. Because of this, DepEd is reminding all teachers to keep their deped email addresses/accounts and passwords completely private to themselves. Giving out of such is a serious violation of the DATA PRIVACY ACT.
It is understandable that many of the teachers, if not most, are into salary loans due to financial constraints for so many valid reasons. On the other hand, it is still their full responsibility to keep their important personal details completely safe and secured. Spreading the news now-a-days are frauds and scams victimizing ordinary people and even high profile ones using the information they gain through various online or even offline tunnels. Thus, it is truly vital when someone get on hold to your personal account or data. Your account, your responsibility.

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