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Marungko Approach is designed to equip not only the Grade one pupils with the necessary materials to improve their achievement in reading. Likewise, it seeks to develop a  training model to enhance teachers’ competence in the teaching of reading in the primary grade most especially in grade one.

The goal of this strategy in reading is to enable the pupils to instill  in their minds to appreciate the songs and poems created for Filipino children and eventually to communicate in  written and oral forms through effective reading instruction.

Full credit is given to the rightful owner/author of these materials.

Marungko Approach - Cover Page (download)
Ba-ba (download)
Da-da (download)
Ga-ga (download)
Ha-ha (download)
Ka-ka (download)
La-la (download)
Ma-ma (download)
Na-na (download)
Nga-nga (download)
Pa-pa (download)
Ra-ra (download)
Sa-sa (download)
Ta-ta (download)
Wa-wa (download)
Ya-ya (download)

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