Mga Awiting Pambata (Reading Materials)

Download for FREE the following files, Mga Awiting Pambata, so you can use it in your teachings or reading activities. We would like to give full credits to the rightful owner of these materials and for his/her generosity.

Reading can be boring at times and it is a burden to encourage them back to reading. It is important for teachers to give proper and quick motivations in case the learners lose it. Below you will be able to see and download for free the sets of reading materials or Awiting Pambata which we believe will greatly affect our readers in a positive sense. Since our children are easily motivated and caught by rhythmic songs or community song, it will be interesting to make use of these files. Just click on the download ink provided and you can freely download each file. Happy teaching!

Aming Aming Bahay (download)
Ang Ibon (download)
Ang Mga Linya (download)
Masarap ang Mansanas (download)
Mga Hugis (download)
Nasaan ang mga Bagay (download)
Paghahambing ng mga Bilang (download)
Place Value (download)
Tunog ng Titik A (download)
Tunog ng Titik Ee (download)
Tunog ng Titiks Ss (download)
Ako ay may Relo (download)
Ang mga Pook sa Paaralan (download)
Mga Salitang Magkatugma (download)
Miyembro ng Pamilya (download)
Pangalawang Kulay (download)
Pangunahing Kulay (download)
Ito, Iyan, Iyon (download)
Kay Ganda ng mga Kulay (download)

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