PICTURE READING (Ready to Print) Free Download

Download for FREE the sets of picture reading materials available below to help you in your reading campaign. Just click on the link to view and download. Our deep appreciation to Ma'am Flocer Ramos Flores for creating  and sharing these useful files.
Beginning reading is indeed imperative to successful literacy of a child. It becomes a dilemma to both children and teachers/parents when they find it difficult to start reading from recognizing letters, sounds, and even simple uttering of letter sounds and words. Considering the short span of attention of our little kids, we shall find ways to teach them in the most interesting method using the most attractive reading materials. The files below are just examples of effective/useful materials which we can utilize to better facilitate beginning reading.

a ba ka da - picture reading (download)
picture reading 1 (download)
picture reading 2 (download)
picture reading 3 (download)
picture reading 4 (download)
picture reading 5 (download)
PICTURE READING (Ready to Print) Free Download PICTURE READING (Ready to Print) Free Download Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on February 08, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. salamat po sa mga reading materials. napakalaking tulong po sa aming mga guro lalo na po sa amin grade one teachers. Keep it up!!!!

  2. Maraming Salamat poh..Malaking tulong ito sa akin at sa aking mga learners..

  3. Maraminh salamat po, sana di kayo magsawa. Ang laking tulong po nito lalo na sa at visual learner po ang anak ko.


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