READING BOOKLET (Personal to your Learners)

Download for FREE this Reading Booklet which can be of great help in improving your learners' reading skills.

We give full credits to the respective owner/author of this reading booklet. As Filipino teachers, we always give out the best of our effort in ensuring quality works which, in this manner, is helping our learners to be functionally literate. The department of education has various programs to meet this challenging goal, yet due to several instances and limited supplies and resources, we find it hard to make it realized. In lieu of these lapses, teachers are getting involved more in developing their own materials and being so keen in finding material like we have below from different trusted sources.

Reading Booklet Cover (download)
Reading Booklet 1 (download)
Reading Booklet 2 (download)
Reading Booklet 3 (download)
Reading Booklet 4 (download)
Reading Booklet 5 (download)
Reading Booklet 6 (download)
Reading Booklet 7 (download)
Reading Booklet 8 (download)
Reading Booklet 9 (download)
Reading Booklet 10 (download)
Reading Booklet 11 (download)

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