Vocabulary IM's (Hello Kitty) Ready to Print

Download for FREE the Instructional Materials below. Just click on the link to view and download it. Hello Kitty is used as the design to make it even more attractive and catchy to learners. Big thanks to Ma'am Maria Cecilia Gumaroy Puertollano for sharing this file and made it available to our fellow teachers.

Increasing the vocabulary of our learners will bring more positive results as it compensates many other aspects like comprehension, critical thinking, giving inputs, and a like. It is then important for each class to give such importance in developing the vocabulary of each learner for more effective teaching and learning to happen. Much healthier academic atmosphere will arise if learners will be able to understand and use various words in various contexts. So we appeal to all teachers that we should somehow incorporate activities and use materials in dealing with the improvement of their vocabulary. It will truly be time consuming yet it will be well paid off at the end. Happy teaching

Vocabulary IM's (Hello Kitty) Ready to Print Vocabulary IM's (Hello Kitty) Ready to Print Reviewed by DepEd Click Admin on February 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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  1. kudos to you guys who are with unending urge to help colleagues in the field. . endless tnx. .


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