Correct Pronunciation Teachers' Must Know

Please be guided of the following correct pronunciations of these common words. You can also download it and use it as your IM's in teaching your learners. Credits to the rightful owner of these useful images.

Here are some tips for you to improve your pronunciation.

1. With every new word, you should look it up in the dictionary to find the correct pronunciation.

2. Listen to native speakers to get used to their accent. Instead of boring listening lessons, you can

3. Listen to English songs, watch movies or listen to your native English speaking friends and relatives.

4. Practice in front of a mirror and make sure you move your mouth in the correct way.

5. Do a lot of practices. Remember that practices make perfect.

6. Be patient and determined. The journey may be tough, but the result will be worth.


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  1. CORRECT PRONUNCIATION TEACHERS MUST KNOW ..............not all of the words are correct........i am a native born english speaker, born in the usa, midwest, missouri........some of those words are not right..............example: NOT ..wi-mon...........better ......wo-mon.


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