COT Lesson Plans Grades 1-6 ALL SUBJECTS

Download for FREE the available Lesson Plans that we can use in our Class Observation and as part of our MOV's to be attached or included in our RPMS Portfolio. These lesson plans can serve as guides for you to make you desired lessons plan. However, in case you just want to modify it, you may do so to better fit your learning atmosphere.

Teachers are have been working out to fulfill their RPMS portfolios and part of it is through Class Observation. Lessons Plan is very imperative in that regard because it is stated in their Means of Verification. And we understand that many of our fellow teachers have been looking for sample COT lesson plans to guide them in their undertakings. Lucky us, our teacher-contributors have generously shared their ready-made lesson plans to help more of our fellow teachers.

We give full credits to the rightful owners or authors of these lesson plans which names are stated inside each LP. Just click on the download link to view and download for free. Happy teaching! Happy COT!

KG Sample COT Lesson Plan (Quarter 4)
Kindergarten COT LP's Q4 (download)

Grade 1 Sample COT Lesson Plan (Quarter 4)
Grade 1 COT AP Q4 (download)
Grade 1 COT Araling Palipunan COT -DLP (download)

Grade 2 Sample COT Lesson Plans (Quarter 4)
Grade 2 COT Math Q4 (download)
Grade 2 Filipino Q4 (download)
Grade 2 MTB Q4 (download)
Grade 2 English COT - DLP (download)
Grade 2 Mathematics COT - DLP (download)

Grade 3 Sample COT Lesson Plans (Quarter 4)
Grade 3 COT Filipino Q4 (download)
Grade 3 COT MAPEH Q4 (download)
Grade 3 COT Math Q4 (download)
Grade 3 COT Science Q4 (download)
Grade 3 Ap COT - DLP (download)
Grade 3 English COT - DLP (download)
Grade 3 MTB COT - DLP (download)
Grade 3 English (Pronoun) COT - DLP (download)

Grade 4 Sample COT Lesson Plan (Quarter 4)
Grade 4 Art COT - DLP (download)
Grade 4 English COT - DLP (download)
Grade 4 EPP COT - DLP (download)
Grade 4 Filipino COT - DLP (download)
Grade 4 Science COT - DLP (download)

Grade 5 Sample COT Lesson Plan (Quarter 4)
Grade 5 English COT - DLP (download)
Grade 5 EPP COT - DLP (download)
Grade 5 Filipino COT - DLP (download)
Grade 5 MAPEH COT - DLP (download)
Grade 5 Math COT - DLP (download)
Grade 5 Science COT - DLP (download)

Grade 6 Sample COT Lesson Plan (Quarter 4)
Grade 6 Filipino Q4 (download)
Grade 6 English COT - DLP (download)
Grade 6 EPP COT - DLP (download)
Grade 6 Filipino COT - DLP (download)
Grade 6 Math COT - DLP (download)
Grade 6 Science COT - DLP (download)

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  1. Grade 4- math Wala pa ring sample?tnx.

  2. Thanks for the COT LP ,it helps me a lot..

  3. Grade 4 COT LP for Math sample po sana...TNX.

  4. Hope COT for English Secondary will be available soon

  5. To all contributors.... thank you. Godbless

  6. Sana po COT from Q1 - Q4... hindi Q4 lang... AP lang

  7. thank you very much po sa mga contributors nito,,,need po nmin all subjects at mula 1st to 4th quarter po,it will help a lot po....

  8. any math 4 cot lp for 1st quarter?ty

  9. Merun po kayo for Junior high?

  10. Thank you so much. These are great help for the teachers.

  11. Thank you for your untiring support.

  12. Pahingi po cot for grade 1...1st to 3rd grading...salamat

  13. Thank you so much po for sharing what you have po!God bless more po sa inyo at sa lahat ng mga gurong Pilipino.

  14. Pahingi ng science grade 5 COT lesson plan quarter 1

  15. Pahingi po COT Grade 5 AP.
    Paglaganap ng Islam sa Pilipinas

  16. pahingi po COT second quarter..thanks po..God bless..

  17. hi pwde po pahingi cot dlp english quarter 2..tnx

  18. Hello po.. pwede po makahingi ng COT 2nd Quarter for Grade 4..? Salamat po.😊

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  20. Pls include Aral Pan esp.grade 4 for COT. MUCH NEEDED..TNX

  21. I don't have comment. Very much thankful all u need is to execute its Nice tnx A lot po.

  22. COT MAPEH 2 please, thanks much po!

  23. COT ESP3
    please, thank you po.

  24. Wala po bang COT sa ESP 5 or 6? thanx po


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