Discount Privileges for Public School Teachers

House bill no. 801 seeks to mandate business establishments to grant discount privileges to public school teachers whose earning capabilities are adversely affected by the present economic situations in our country. They have been given little attention as far as their protection, security of their physical and social well-being by the government.

The worldwide economic crisis, high employment rate, soaring of basic commodities have severely strained the capacity of the public school teachers to provide a decent and dignified living necessitating the assistance and cooperate of the State.

As provided in the 1987 Constitution, the State shall assign the highest budgetary priority education and ensure that teaching will attract and retain its rightful share of the best available talents through adequate remuneration and other means of job satisfaction and fulfillment.

The bill seeks to grant special benefits and privileges to the public school teachers such as, among others, discounts in transportation fares, health services, hotels, restaurants, and recreational facilities through coordination and cooperation of government with public and private entities. The imperative need to render assistance to the public school teachers is not only in keeping with the social justice provision of the Constitution to help them hurdle the economic hardship of the times but also a fervent manifestation of our gratitude for all the services and sacrifices experienced by them for the country.

Accordingly, the swift passage of this bill is earnestly sought.


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