Start of SUMMER VACATION for Public Teachers

Following the schedule of School Year-End Rites which is until April 5, 2019, the start of summer vacation for teachers is supposed to be on April 6, 2019. This is also in reference to Rule XVI of the Omnibus Civil Service Rules, Sec. 6 which states:

“SEC. 6. Teachers’ Leave. – Teachers shall not be entitled to the usual vacation and sick leave credits but to proportional vacation pay (PVP) of 70 days of summer vacation plus 14 days of Christmas vacation. A teacher who has rendered continuous service in a school year without incurring absences without pay of not more than 1 ½ days is entitled to 84 days of proportional vacation pay.

Other leave benefits of teachers such as study leave and indefinite sick leave are covered by Section 24 and 25 of RA 4670 (Magna Carta for Public School Teacher)

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  1. Hi, I am a newly hired teacher. I was hired last August 23, 2018, am I entitled to receive full pay for April and May? Thank you.


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