Teachers are more stressed than other professions

With so many tasks at hand like regular teaching loads, making instructional materials, doing school reports, practicing for the school programs or activities, and a lot more, teachers are nevertheless OVERWORKED and MORE STRESSED than any other professions here in the Philippines.

One public school teacher named Ma'am Catalina Sotto has resigned from being a high school teacher and went viral on social media when she revealed, through her facebook post, the truth on her resignation. And we quoted it below.

"This is going to be the first and last time that i will talk about the real reason behind my resignation as a public school teacher
It is easier for me to let go of the job i am having for ten years, the job that i thought would lift my social status at least, the job i thought would help me improve my well being and develop my personality, the job that i thought would help children to change the world, the job i thought would make me survive in this complex world but it all goes the other way around.
There are two different reactions of people i encountered when they learned that i already left my teaching career. One is so happy, that i am already out of the stress zone and the other one is looking at me like im crazy already for letting go of something stable

Why did I resign?

1. The job is killing me already, i have accumulated diseases over the years like laryngitis and cyst on my bladder due to continuous usage of my voice and an unhealthy lifestyle due to stress.
2. The job that is supposedly an already paperless work because of modernization becomes a more complicated work due to school records that needs to be transferred to soft copies
3. I have been away from my sons for three years already, and that is not making me a good mother.
4. Have been building my status as a coach for years, won contests and spent money from my own pocket for the sake of the contest but i woke up one day that i am already replaced, but needed my help to train the one who replaced me, won the contest and i ended up unrecognized.
5. Its so painful being a teacher but treated like im uneducated.
6. Cant stand the competition arising.
7. The system itself.
8. Ill never get rich, no leveraging, the compensation does not equal your workload. Too much work but underpaid.
9. You have a lot of bosses.. Even your co worker acts like one
10. Spent money from my own pocket for teaching materials
11. Loads of credits and loans.
12. Im not happy anymore.
13. Stressful
They say teaching is a noble profession, but i am not born to become the noblest person, i am a mother, a wife and a daughter. Lets all be practical. We all applied from work to earn a living, not to kill us. Its all about prestige, power and respect. I just want to live and be happy. These reasons are just some, i have not included yet the best reasons why I left. But to make things clear, i do love my co teachers from the dept and esp. My students.
I hope people would now understand why i gave up my profession and switch. ITS MY CHOICE! ITS MY LIFE!!
If somebody would hate me for this, its up to you, which only means you have read it to the end...
Lam mo na...."

This is just one of so many teachers who felt the stress and depression of being tasked with so many things which in fact is out of our job description as teachers. Yet our government hasn't done anything to help us cope with this preposterous endeavor.

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  1. I agree with Ms. Sotto, her list of reasons is a checklist for calling it quits with your job. But the title..."More stressful than other professions"? I disagree. My mother, brother and bestfriend are all nurses. They come home with grime on their white uniforms, tired feet and heavy eyebags. They were stressed because relatives of patients treat them as maids and the boss put the blame on them whenever the hospitals they work for were called shit. My father was a cop - now retired and has jumped to another profession as a Graduate Instructor - used to be called names by a lot of people: "bully" or "useless". He was stressed because despite his efforts to maintain peace and order, he was labeled unreliable. My sister is an office clerk. She is stressed because she does not gain the attention she deserves. Her bosses get the credit of what she worked on for months. In the reports, it was noted that she merely "assisted" when in fact, she worked on the reports and the thick supporting data all by herself. My bestftriend is a public school teacher. She is stressed because of the neglectful and ungreatful parents who blame her for their children's failure and inability to cope up in class. I am an auditing staff, I am stressed because of the heavy workload on my desk and the unending field work in places situated in far flung places. We all have different professions but are commonly stressed. I appreciate my bestfriend - the teacher - who appreciated my work and who recognized my stress. I appreciate how we comforted each other and how we adviced each other how to deal with the stress we had. I just don't like the labels, this is why I am saying this.

  2. I do feel the sentiments expressed by Maam. Sometimes its actually disheartening to put so much effort to a job at the expense of our own personal happiness and family duties and yet we are not rewarded and recognized. These are quite a few compromises. I sometimes cry at night when I see my kids being taken cared by gadgets as I have to do a lot of tasks in my job. I asked myself,' What had happened'as i realized and come to my senses i have not talked to them that often because I was always hooked with reports and extra duties in compliance with request from superiors.
    There were times i was asking myself, do I need to quit my job, so I can allot more time with them?

  3. I don't understand why things have to be compared..remember that life alone is stressful. Tolerance for stress varies. Let us avoid the "yang sayo madali lang. Sakin talaga hindi" mindset. Let us focus on improving ourselves for ourselves, for our profession, and for all.. It may sound more like belittling some other professions to some but it sounds like we're weak AF to me. Let us refrain from showing people how hard it is to be like us. Let us refrain from showing people how frustrating it is to be like us. Let us show them that life is stressful and we are teachers. AND SO we are ready, fit, and capable of facing stressors. We can't outdo other professions (we don't even have to) by just telling them we deal with the worst.It will always be better if we will tell people how bad it is but we continue to strive because we don't blame situations, we deal with it. 👌

  4. As I read thru, I could feel the weight in your heart. I felt the same way with you but I prayed to God to help me find a way out especially because for as long as I live, I need money in order to survive. I felt guilty to myself as well because finishing my studies was way too hard and now that I have come this far, I will call it quits. Reconcilling this thoughts, I prayed for an opportunity to earn equally or more than what I am receiving at the moment. And God is truly good to me, He answered my prayer. He sent people to help me ease my mind as to the what it's of my situation. To date, I am in the process of waiting for the perfect timing to exit gracefully. I love teaching and if given a chance in the future, I would choose the same.

  5. I grabe nakakanosebleed ang mga comments dito ah, basta ako kailangan kong magtrabaho sa deped dahil ito ang bumubuhay samin mas ok n rim to kaysa nmn wlang trabaho, anyway my kanya2x nmn tayong opinyon sa buhay kung hndi n tayo masaya wg n nating ipilit ang ating sarili dpt dun tayo sa alm nting ngpapasaya s atin, un lng..😊👌


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