60 Positive Things to Say to Your Child

Here are the 60 POSITIVE THINGS to say to your child or children:

1. You make me smile. I LOVE YOU.
2. I'm grateful you're in my life. My world is better with you in it.
3. It's FUN to do things with you.
4. I believe you.
5. I believe in you. 
6. I'm proud of YOU.
7. You are loved.
8. I trust you.
9. You are beautiful. When you make mistake, you are still beautiful.
10. You are valuable.
11. You are STRONG. You can say no.
12. Your choices matter.
13. You are capable.
14. You are deserving.
15. You are CREATIVE. Your ideas are worthwhile.
16. You don't have to be perfect to be GREAT.
17. You are important.
18. Your opinions matter.
19. You are a good boy/girl.
20. I love being your parent. 
21. I'm happy to talk with you.
22. I'm listening.
23. Your words are powerful.
24. Your actions are powerful.
25. Your emotions may be powerful, and you can still choose your action.
26. You are imperfect. So am I.
27. You are ENOUGH.
28. You can change your mind.
29. You can learn from your mistakes. You can ask for HELP.
30. You make a difference. 
31. I enjoy your company.
32. This family wouldn't be the same without YOU.
34. You are beautiful inside and out.
35. You are helpful.
36. I could never stop LOVING YOU.
37. You make MY HEART full.
38. Being your parent is my favorite job.
39. I learn new things from you every day.
40. You make me BETTER.
41. Thank you for BEING YOU.
42. Don't be afraid to be you.
43. I love seeing the world your way.
44. I love your creativity.
45. Not everyone will like you and that's OK.
46. Watching you grow up is THE BEST.
47. We all make mistakes and you can try again tomorrow.
48. It's good to be curious.
49. That's a great question.
50. You did that so well. 
51. Seeing you happy makes me happy.
52. Your friends are lucky to have you as their friend.
53. I admire you.
54. I understand you.
55. I appreciate you. 
56. You are interesting.
57. You are worth it.
58. You brighten my day.
59. Outstanding!
60. I have faith in you.

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