Beginning Consonants Worksheets (Ready to Use)

Download for FREE these worksheets which intend to help your kids on the beginning consonants of words. Click on the link to initiate your direct download.

Consonants produce sounds that are more consistent and easier to identify than vowels.  Therefore, they make a good starting point for learning to read.

Initially, work should be done on identifying beginning consonant sounds.

After that, activities can focus on identifying final consonant sounds.

When children learn to recognize the sounds of consonants at the beginning and end positions of words, they gain the ability to look at a word and make a reasonable guess as to what it might be.  Viewing the word in the context of a picture will help reinforce this skill. - Leanne Guenther

 Beginning Consonant 1 (download)

 Beginning Consonant 2 (download

 Beginning Consonant 3 (download

 Beginning Consonant 4 (download

 Beginning Consonant 5 (download

 Beginning Consonant 6 (download

  Beginning Consonant 7 (download)

  Beginning Consonant 8 (download)

  Beginning Consonant 9 (download)

 Beginning Consonant 10 (download)

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