BULLETIN BOARD DISPLAYS (1st to 4th Quarter)

This page will provide you various educational bulletin board displays from KG to Grade 6. It can boost up the interests of the students by just looking from one bulletin board display to another. In their vacant periods, they can also learn extra knowledge not taught to them during classes yet included in these displays.

One good thing being delivered by these displays is that it can be used as a channel to review lessons and advance themselves to make the learning process even easier. Bulletin board displays need to be engaging and challenging at the same time for the students not to lose appetite for learning. It will also serve as a motivation especially when students got hooked to the existing lessons and noticed that lessons displayed are apparently interconnected. 

Bulletin boards that challenge students to interact with them can engage them in the learning process more effectively than static display bulletin boards. Static bulletin boards can become simply part of the classroom d├ęcor after a few weeks, while interactive bulletin boards that change according to topical lesson plans can hold student interest and help different kinds of learners assimilate the new material in their own way and at their own pace. By allowing students to help create bulletin boards and to interact with them, students take ownership of the classroom and of their own learning experience. Students are challenged to be active learners and to actively seek out new information, to create new artwork, or to achieve higher grades that will be displayed on the boards.

A good looking bulletin board need not to be over-crowded. Over-crowded bulletin board display often leads to confusion which then lessen the interest of the students to learn. Colors must be well blended or attractive. If they can look at the bulletin with a pleasant ambiance in it they will more likely be staying with it and got hooked to it so better work on your color combinations at least. It should be fixed on the wall to avoid unfortunate accidents. You don’t want your bulletin board display to be hanging around and cause chaos to your classroom. Most importantly, these displays must be simple yet comprehensive to understand. Contents must be aligned to their unit of lessons so you make sure that you cover your lessons as you teach and cover their extra time with displays showing your lesson of interest.


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