FRAMES for DESIGNS (Free Download)

Download for FREE these FRAMES which will surely help you in decorating your classroom walls and other types of works. Click on the "download" link to get your direct copy. Please do like and SHARE this post to spread our love for teaching.

Decorating your classrooms using this set of frames can truly give more creativity and livelier mood. These simple frames are in demand for many teachers especially those who are extra devoted to making their works simple yet artistic.

Credits: craftsymom by mommy lei (join the group here)

 Set 3 Frame 1 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 2 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 3 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 4 (download)

  Set 3 Frame 5 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 6 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 7 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 8 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 9 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 10 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 11 (download)
  Set 3 Frame 12 (download)
 Set 3 Frame 13 (download)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Instructional and Reading Materials (download)
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