Learners Materials Compilation (1st to 4th Quarter) SY 2019-2020

Download for FREE the Learners Materials (LM) per grade level compiled from 1st to 4th Quarter, Grade 1 to Grade 6.

Making use of these LM’s can be very beneficial to the entire teaching-learning process. Instead of devoting time to prepare for your lessons activities, you can just refer to these LM’s and conduct it. LM’s are provided to us teachers so we can use it to support our learners’ studies and progress accordingly. These materials are designed to serve as Support Avenue to extract more essence from the learning competencies being taught.

Additional opportunities for the learners can also be evident through these LM’s. Some activities can be hard for them to render but due to variety of activities shown on these LM’s, these learners can then show their skills and prove that they can also perform in some other disciplines.

Individual differences has become a major issue specially when giving instructions/ directions to our learners. We have to understand that some can go along with our instructions and some simply cannot for reasons we still need to investigate. But needless to say, some LM’s are ready to these kinds of scenarios that differentiated instructions/activities were prepared and ready to be used. In this manner, we can be rolling on the brighter side of the story where all our learners can perform and no one will be left behind.

We urge you to download and use the LM’s we listed below so you can maximize the potentials of your learners. If necessary, you may modify and add more activities and instructions base on your learners’ learning capabilities.

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