Banning Gadgets and Reviving Traditional Games

Two schools in Leyte have already started banning the use of gadgets inside the campus with corresponding disciplinary actions to violators.

Doane Baptist School and Doane Christian Academy, both located in Leyte, decided to ban the use of gadgets for the following alarming reasons:

1. Children are now spending most of their free time on mobile games and other virtual activities than spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

2. They tend to skip homework and other school-related requirements due to these gadgets.

3. Their socialization skills are hardly developed which could lead to isolations and depressions.

Other more factors which led to the implementation of this policy were not disclosed as it was agreed upon by both parents, teachers, and school administration in a consultation meeting.

It was also agreed that anyone who violated this policy will be penalized by spending one hour of school works. 

“I noticed that during school events, students play mobile games instead of participating in the activities,” - Doane Schools’ Pastor Administrator Joshua Caleb Hocson.

The school has then intensified other school activities like traditional games which have already forgotten to play by this generation.

Now the children are enjoying and appreciating traditional "pinoy" games. It could also grow their socialization skills and happiness toward real people than virtual ones.

If these schools can make these things possible, why not replicate it and let us see the results for ourselves.

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