Colorful Multiplication Tables (Free Download)

Download for FREE the following colorful multiplication tables we have arranged for you. Click on the link below each image to get your direct copy.

We humbly thank the rightful owner/author of these materials. You kids/learners will be extra interested in understanding the skills in multiplication because of these useful tables. Just in case you also have teaching materials that you want to share with our fellow teachers, don't hesitate to contact us via our facebook page or via email so we can also feature it here on our website to reach more and help more.
TABLE 1 (download)

TABLE 2 (download)

TABLE 3 (download)

TABLE 4 (download)

TABLE 5 (download)

TABLE 6 (download)

TABLE 7 (download)

TABLE 8 (download)

TABLE 9 (download)

ALL TABLES (download)

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