Grade Level Assignment of Teachers in the School

Grade level assignment of teachers is also one of the factors that contribute to the holistic development of our learners. Some of the depedclick members have been asking a possibility of switching grade level assignment among themselves. Initially, we told them that it is the discretion of their school heads as it is part of their school management job. However, as we dig deeper, we found a deped order that somehow clarifies this issue. Kidly read the portion of the DO below.

DepEd Order 21, s. 2006

"Classes in grades I to III, should, not exceed 40 pupils per class in order to keep the teaching-learning process more manageable during these foundation years of schooling. In addition, the most competent and/or most experienced teachers should be assigned to these grade levels, particularly in Grade I."

Rationally speaking, it is just that the foundation of our learners should be at the hands of our most competent and experienced teachers. They have already proved their capabilities so why not use it to where it will best serve. What are your thoughts about this? Leave your comment below.

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  1. Most cases the newly hired teacher is able to assign in the lower grade. Why is that happening?

  2. It has been a culture in many schools since handling Grade 1 pupils is very difficult, they have a very short span of attention and very sensitive. They can't do things on their own as compared to the intermediate level where the pupils are quite independent already. I've been a Grade 1 teacher for more that 7 years before I was promoted to an administrative position. Never I imagined that this DepEd Order exists.��. Salute to all the Grade 1 teachers out there!

  3. With Due respect po, I was a newly hired teacher way back 7 years ago but I was assigned to handle the combination classes of grade one and two..up until today..I wanted to experience handling higher level but they say, once a grade 1 teacher, you can never transfer.. Isn't it unfair?��..That'd why I am thinking of resigning..I wanted to grow also and I'm getting stressed bcoz of the kind of pupils we have nowadays, .. plus the idea of child protection policy ����..

  4. i agree with you mam ellie it's so unfair i was 3yrs in kindergarten teacher i handled kinder for almost 3yrs. i ask permission to my principal to transfer me to another grade level she never allow me she reason out that i'm just the one who take the seminar for kinder. i why not the new hirE teacher to take seminar too. isn't it unfair?i wanted to grow also and im getting stressed then last year my co teacher allow them to transfer for other grade level but me hnd niya ako inallow hmmp badtrip dba. i never have ece units i just take masteral i earned 36 units as maed Educ. Admin. then now i ask my new principal to transfer me as grade one teacher but she never allow me too. so that's why I'M sick and file for transferring for other school. but until now walA PA RIN TAWAG. I'M SO STRESSED..

  5. What is meant by being competent?With all the rigid assessments teacher applicants these days are asked to meet before being hired,they are already competent.As long as a teacher,whether new or experienced,has the passion and love for teaching(patience and dedication to embrace the learner)then he/she will shine to any grade level he/she will be assigned.ANY GRADE LEVEL IS A CHALLENGE. The problem only comes in if a teacher can't already run or jump,then he/she unfit for kinder or grade one.


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