IDEAL CLASS-SIZE for SY 2019-2020 (Every Teacher Must Know)

"The ideal class size shall range from a minimum of 15 pupils/students to a maximum of 65 pupils/students per class. The ideal average class size shall be 50." - DO. No. 21. s. 2006

House Bill 473 or An Act Regulating Class Size in All Public Schools and Appointing Funds Thereof states that one teacher shall handle a standard class size of 35 learners with a maximum of no more than 50 students

According to DepEd, class size reduction is one of the keys to improve the learning environment of students, especially in highly urbanized areas.

Jesus Lorenzo Ruiz Mateo, DepEd Undersecretary for Planning and Field Operations, stated that classroom-pupil and teacher-student ratios in most cities have changed greatly in recent years that might have been caused by overpopulation among other contributing factors.

“ This not one size fits all. For example, in Kinder, the parameter used is 25 learners with a maximum of 30. This means we try to hit the 1:25 but if it exceeds 31, that is the decision point to add teachers. In Grade 1, we're attempting to have 1:30, 36 is decision point to provide additional teachers. In Grade 3, the maximum is 35. In Grade 5-10, the planning parameter is 1:40. In SHS, even though 1:40 is our planning parameter, we have to factor in the subject specialization of teachers,” he added.

Mateo also assured the public that the Department of Education will continue conducting interventions to achieve the ideal class size and teacher-student ratio in public schools nationwide.

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