LAC Session Participants (Roles and Responsibilities)

ANNEX 2: Terms of Reference (ToR) of LAC Participants

LAC Leader is the Principal or School Head. Being the de facto leader of the LAC or all the LACs in the school, the following are his/her roles:

1. Oversees the implementation of the LAC(s);

2. Leads in the development of a LAC Plan and integrates such in the SIP or AIP;

3. Organizes LAC groupings at the beginning of each school year and ensures that each LAC has an assigned facilitator, preferably a Master Teacher or senior teacher or senior member of the faculty;

4. Mobilizes resources for the conduct of LACs;

5. Provides feedback and submits LAC Progress Reports to District and Schools Division Office;

6. Adapts and shares LAC best practices from other schools, thereby developing a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement;

7. Ensures the monitoring of LAC sessions and related activities and evaluating their impact on teacher professional development, quality teaching, and pupil achievement;

8. Agrees with LAC Members on how to observe or monitor application of learning;

9. Provides feedback to the teachers;

10. Gathers evidences of implementation or application of learning;

11. Meets with facilitator to decide on next LAC topic and to prepare or plan for the next session; and

12. Monitors the LAC implementation vis-à-vis the school LAC plan.

LAC Facilitator: The LAC Facilitator could be the Principal or School Head, a Master Teacher or a senior teacher or senior member of the faculty. This role could be assigned on a rotation basis. The LAC Facilitator:

1. Convenes the LAC team meetings;

2. Provides technical assistance in the development of the LAC n, timetable of team meetings, and other activities;

3. Checks and monitors attendance of members and submission of materials and sees to it that team meetings start and end on time, and that agenda for the meeting are covered;

4. Encourages active engagement and participation of members;

5. Serves as resource person on specific topics;

6. Assigns a documenter on rotation basis;

7. Invites external resource persons when necessary;

8. Reports regularly to LAC leader on LAC progress;

9. Prepares his/her session plan that identifies the topic, objectives, materials needed, and outline of activities (at the very least) and where necessary, consults the LAC Leader and members;

10. Ensures that the venue and equipment are available and prepares the necessary learning materials such as reading materials, videos, presentations, etc., when needed;

11. Announces the LAC session including topic, time, venue, and other matters that the group should know; and

12. Runs and facilitates the session based on the plan and ensures that the agreed norms of behaviour are observed and that the objectives of the session are achieved.

LAC Members are the teachers who share common concerns such as grade level assignments or learning area assignments or key stage assignments. LACs must be organized well so that teachers are a member of at least one LAC. However, teachers may opt to join other LACs. A LAC member:

1. Attends LAC meetings regularly and participates actively in LAC sessions;

2. Serves as LAC facilitator or documenter or resource person for certain topics when assigned such roles;

3. Develops plans to apply what has been learned and implements agreed action plan in one’s classroom;

4. Monitors one’s progress in relation to the LAC Plan;

5. Prepares and submits documents or materials as needed and brings materials relevant to the topic;

6. Observes agreed norms of behaviour;

7. Captures evidences of implementation;

8. Reflects on the implementation;

9. Shares with colleagues in informal settings;

10. Prepares to share in each LAC session;

11. Allows LAC leader to observe how the learning was applied; and

12. Provides the LAC leader with evidences of application of learning.

LAC Documenter is a member of the LAC who has been assigned to record the minutes of the team meetings. This role may be rotated (i.e., monthly or for every unit of lesson). The LAC documenter:

1. Documents LAC proceedings following the template agreed upon;

2. Keeps records of attendance and output of members; 
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