NAME TAGS (Editable - FREE Download)

Download for FREE the following NAME TAGS for your kids and students. Just click on the download link below each image. We would like to extend our appreciation to the owners/creators of these files.

The first day of school is always been the most exciting part of learning. Our kids tend to show various types of emotions and behavior and often times they would ask for the names of their new classmates and even their old forgotten acquaintances. Teachers, on the other hand, will remember most of them but still, with so many things in mind and with so many students' names to remember, they would surely be confused with it comes to that matter. Hence, wearing name tags can make all those things a lot easier and convenient.

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  1. very thankful for those individuals or group of individuals behind these efforts.

  2. Thanks po for your time effort for Sharing to us teachers. God bless u always


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