P30,000 Entry-Level Salary for Public Teachers

A government-accredited negotiating body for public school personnel has again called to the government for the salary increase that the President has promised them. This group does not want a "too good to be true" salary increase, they just demanded, for a long while now, a P30,000.00 salary increase for entry-level teaching positions.

This is after some teacher federations wrote to the office of the president about their shortcomings when it comes to budgeting given a low salary rate. According to them, they only get a net take-home pay of around P5,0000 after some money lending institutions deduct their automatic payment for their loans.

Some members and leaders of this teacher group have even eaten their breakfast with only a cup of rice, nothing else, nothing more. This is to show the government the sacrifice they are facing just to cope up with the economic crisis in our country right now.

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