STUDY LEAVE WITH PAY for Public School Teachers

Sec. 24. Study Leave. In addition to the leave privileges now enjoyed by teachers in the public schools, they shall be entitled to study leave not exceeding one school year after seven years of service. Such leave shall be granted in accordance with a schedule set by the Department of Education. During the period of such leave, the teachers shall be entitled to at least sixty percent of their monthly salary: Provided, however, That no teacher shall be allowed to accumulate more than one year study leave, unless he needs an additional semester to finish his thesis for a graduate study in education or allied courses: Provided, further, That no compensation shall be due to the teacher after the first year of such leave. In all cases, the study leave period shall be counted for seniority and pension purposes.

The compensation allowed for one year study leave as herein provided shall be subject to the condition that the teacher takes the regular study load and passes at least seventy-five percent of his courses. Study leave of more than one year may be permitted by the Secretary of Education but without compensation.

SOURCE: R.A 4670 (The Magna Cart for Public School Teachers

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