Teachers to Duterte: Increase our Salary as Promised

Duterte's promise to increase the salary of all public school teachers gave hope to them as it could lift them up from debts and resurface themselves to the economic crisis the country is facing. But a few months after that promise, teachers are still clueless as to when it will be served.

Some teachers' federations have just submitted a formal letter to the office of the President on April 30, 2019 (Tuesday) not only to remind him but to push him to the realization of his promise.

“We are urging the President to make good on his word. He knows of teachers’ dedication in providing quality education to our youth amid challenging situations. We only ask for what is due to us -- decent salaries that will bring dignity to our noble profession,” Manalo said.

The said letter contains an explanation that teachers are left only a small portion of their salaries because of the money lending sharks that are taking advantage of their financial situations.

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  1. I believed to our president's sincerity when he promised for teachers' salary increase. i am optimistic on that. Just do our job first.


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